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Prayer Circle

Grace Alone

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Experience The Power of Prayer

The Prayer Circle is designed to increase our knowledge and understanding of prayer and enhance our prayer life. Through prayer we get to talk to God at anytime and anyplace for anyone or anything. We keep the prayer circle going with around 80 people connected to our email prayer list. Keep reading for some prayer pointers. What a blessing!

The ACTS Prayer Outline

The ACTS Prayer Outline

A – (Adoration) Adore God and love him with heart, mind, & soul for all he is and does.

C – (Confession) Confess your sins big and small because they all matter.

T – (Thanksgiving) Thank God for what He has given you, especially forgiveness.

S – (Supplication) Asking God for our and others’ needs.

The Importance of Mindset and Perspective

Trusting in God is easy when things go our way; yet it is during times of hardship that we should rely on him the most. Ideas for a healthier perspective:

  • Don’t let disappointments shake your faith or trust in God.
  • Return to God’s promises in the Bible. His Word is solid ground when life gets shaky.
  • God’s love for us is unconditional; God calls us to return the same love to him.
  • Love God because he first loved you.
  • Look for opportunities in problems.
  • Don’t blame God for your circumstances; trust him to carry you through them.
The Importance of Mindset and Perspective

Love and Support

We are here to support you. Submit your prayer request here.

Prayer Tips

Got 5 minutes to spare?

Share it with God in prayer!

Here are some useful prayer tips for your prayer life.

Share with God anything you've said or done that is contrary to His will for your life.
Give praise before raising your concerns. God has forgiven your guilt through his death on the cross. God loves you.
Put your worries in God's hands trusting that his will is done.
End your prayers in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Give thanks, and know that your prayers are already answered with the very best for your soul.

About My Crown of Life

We are a multi-site church located in California. Together we worship an awesome God, find hope and direction from His Word and serve each other and our community.  We Love God by Loving People to Life!  See you Sunday!

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