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School Age Daycare


King’s Kids is a school-aged daycare facility operated by Crown of Life Lutheran Church located in Corona. Our program provides kids with an opportunity to learn and play in a Christian environment.

The spiritual, physical, and emotional health and safety of everyone at King’s Kids continues to be our priority.  We look forward to supporting you with School Age DayCare and Transportation to and from School.



Learn how it works. Transportation To/From Select Schools

Learning on Track: Helping and Supporting Families

School Age Daycare

It is our continued mission to SHARE the love of Christ with the community, CARE for the kids of Corona, and PREPARE hearts and lives for Christian service.

Now more than ever children need to learn that Jesus is their Savior from sin and best friend.   

We love to apply God’s truths to everyday living through the daily use of prayer, worship and devotion.

  • We give each child many opportunities to work and play cooperatively in a group.
  • We help each child understand their feelings and how to cope with them in a God pleasing way.

Join us on Sunday


King’s Kids is Flexible. Whether you need care for 5 days a week or 2 hours a day, we’re here for you!

– Call or Email with any Questions
– Schedule a tour with Director
– Register through the Link below


Monday – Friday

6:00AM – 6:30PM


School Age (TK-6th)

School Pick up & Drop off

Summer Program

About My Crown of Life

We are a multi-site church located in California. Together we worship an awesome God, find hope and direction from His Word and serve each other and our community.  We Love God by Loving People to Life!  See you Sunday!

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